American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (AATI) recently completed its tenth flight
campaign with long range, long endurance unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS,” or
“drone”) in Cape May County, New Jersey. Operating under the County’s 800 square
mile, 7,000′ ceiling public use COA, the company flew its RS-20, a 175-pound long-
endurance UAS with a 17-foot wingspan out of the Woodbine Municipal Airport during a
one week flight campaign.

AATI’s CEO David Yoel praised the County’s UAS program. “The opportunity to work
with a forward-thinking group of First Responders, public officials, and innovators in
Cape May County has been truly rewarding. They see the importance of developing
UAS technologies that can be used to improve the safety and effectiveness of first
responders,” Yoel said.

AATI has operated long-endurance UAS beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) in the
National Airspace System since 2010. The company has conducted hundreds of
BVLOS flights and operated under 11 COAs across the United States over the years. It
has worked closely with Cape May County since 2015. Applications developed with
public entities include hurricane response, wildland fire fighting and oil spill patrol and
response, among others.


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