From Bloomberg Business Week, Feb. 16, 2017: 
1x-1The fast-growing drone industry is eagerly awaiting the advent of 5G. Most unmanned craft store video-and-mapping data from their flights onboard, then download it after landing. With 5G, drones will be able to beam high-definition video while in flight. That would allow fire departments, for instance, to dispatch a drone to the scene of a blaze to gauge the situation. “We are moving from a world where there’s thousands of aircraft with sensors on them to a world where there are millions of aircraft with data on them,” says David Yoel, chief executive officer of drone maker American Aerospace Technologies. “And that data needs to be transmitted in real time or near real time.”
The bottom line: The next-generation mobile standard will support $3.5 trillion in economic output by 2035, according to forecasts, the article stated. For the full story, go to: 
For the full article by Olga Kharif and Scott Moritz, visit:

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